We delved into the soul of a teenager and found them. Meet Pubertat!

There is a societal myth that sexual education is all about sex. However, it primarily encompasses gender identity, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, contraception, personal safety, and preventing unwanted pregnancies. It's about human physiology and the right to one's own body. Our task is to convey this information to Ukrainian teenagers effectively so that they remember it

Value-driven marketing in times of war

Lviv yeast
We crafted a marketing strategy to inspire the brand's target audience to bake yeast products multiple times more for Easter and encourage those who buy Easter bread to bake it themselves. We worked within the social context, using the communication message "Bake Love for Your Own"

Merezha. The platform that connects business and expertise

Developing a strategy and supporting all PR and marketing activities in digital and other channels for the platform

HR strategy development

Changing the perception of Vodafone among potential job seekers.

Matching investors and Diadans apartments

Building social media presence for a high-end residential complex

Change the perception of the water supply

OLV campaign

Mindful content during COVID-19 frenzy

NIVEA decided to help the audience to be more mindful and self-aware

Digital football arena during pandemic

In the times of a worldwide pandemic, BUD has found a way to give Ukrainians true stadium emotions while watching football at home. 

Cybersport tournament

The goal — to increase the relevance of NIVEA MEN for youth by taking over the territory of cyber football in Ukraine.

Make baking great again

Lviv yeast
A marketing strategy was created to inspire the target audience to make yeast baked goods more frequently and lower barriers for beginners to use yeast. With the main communicational message “Bake love”.

Social media content development

For Ukraine’s favourite brand of water, we’ve been creating social media content. Morshynska has various products that target every age of the population and addresses their needs.

Data Scoring

The task — to create a key visual for Vodafone’s B2B product called Data Scoring. 

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