Matching investors and Diadans apartments

Matching investors and Diadans apartments

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The client

Diadans is a high-end residential complex in the very centre of Kyiv, Ukraine. 

It is located in a quiet and probably the most expensive area to live in Kyiv called Pechersk. 

Diadans offers its future residents:

  • unique architecture with lightning that changes based on the time of the day and rhythm of the city and human biorhythms, 
  • personal terraces in most apartments and stunning views from the windows
  • sustainable construction confirmed by BREEAM certification 
  • a wide variety of layouts.

Diadans had started their construction and wanted to develop their social media presence to attract the first buyers of their to-be-built apartments. 

The challenge

  • Highly-saturated market and a lot of supply on the market.

At least 56 other new residential complexes are located in the same area, with 20 of them being under construction at the time. 

  • The developer would like the sales to start while the building is still not up and ready.

The communicational tasks:

  1. Build awareness of the residential complex. Assign the attribute of the rhythms "Rhythms of Life - Diadans" (connection with the lighting feature)
  2. Motivate the target audience to take action: explore the website, call the sales office, and visit the client space.

We decided that the relevant role of social media for those tasks would be:

  • Creating a constant high-quality contact with the target audience
  • Working on the website clicks and assisted conversions

The solution

As the main target audience at that stage of the construction, we chose the investors. They are ready to invest in a project in progress to get more revenue after the building is finished. 

In our communication, we decided to focus on two things :

  1. Premium quality, high-end complex
  2. Profitable investment

Our research showed that those competitors still under construction and located in the same area mostly use stock images on their social media, with little to no branding. 

It makes all of their content blend into one inexpressive post and doesn't help build a particular perception of their positioning.

Additionally, everyone talks about the same topics. Even the landmark that everyone brags about is the same on, being the most popular one in the area. 

We decided to take a different approach. 

Our topics needed to be relevant and interesting to the investors.

Our visuals needed to be different from the market, communicate the advantages of Diadans and convey the high-end quality of the place. 


In my rhythm
Modern architecture
High tech
Moving forward
Being reliable.

In our posts, we decided to talk about the topics that would be interesting to the investors, But also about the main advantages of the residential complex, such as

Modern and unique architecture
Variety of the layouts
Progress on the construction


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