Merezha. The platform that connects business and expertise

Merezha. The platform that connects business and expertise

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The EBRD is investing a lot of effort in developing SMEs in Ukraine. Previously, the process was structured so that EBRD consultants communicated in person with business representatives, identified their needs, and sought out consultants who could help the business. The EBRD has approached us to develop a comprehensive solution to scale their activities and speed up the process of finding consultants.

This is how the idea of Merezha platform came up. Today, several companies are involved in the work on the platform: creative and research agencies and consulting companies. HASHTAG has developed the media strategy and supports all PR and marketing activities in digital channels.

MVP has shown promising results, so the platform will be scaled to several other countries.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key to a sustainable economic recovery in Ukraine. At the same time, SMEs often struggle with the lack of financial investment. It's their main obstacle to further growth, and the real barrier is the lack of relevant expertise and deep business knowledge. 


Tinder for business. Sort of.

The first business services online platform brings SMEs and BSO/experts/consultants together to address SMEs' relevant tasks at a certain business lifecycle stage. While other startups and websites offer consultants' hours, the very core of our platform is sharing expertise and experiences.


With a narrow target audience, we needed to use the value-centric approach.

Which is why we create separate, independent products that connect our consulting activity and help SMEs achieve their goals and unique product promotion strategies. We develop a unique visual style for each product, digital and SMM strategy development, influence marketing development, etc.

One Minute Conference

Imagine a conference where the superstars of the worldwide business industry do speeches – but just 1 minute long, including their most important business insights of the year.

It's a new modern format of a business conference which corresponds with how people consume content these days – we all need something insightful yet quick, just like the videos we see on our social media news feed.

Among the speakers were Tom Peters, Alexander Osterwalder, Rita McGrath, ex-minister of Economy of Ukraine Pavlo Sheremeta and others.


We gather small groups of SMEs with the same problems and tasks in business and invite an expert. The group works out in detail the cases of each participant and prepares an action plan together with an expert.

Wartime Helpline

After the war began, some businesses disappeared, and some began to have significant problems.

We researched key issues, selected experts and provided free consultations for businesses that need it.


80 000 - Unique users per month   

40 000 of SMEs accounts

500 of BSO accounts

4000 of registrations in events/trainings per month

100 of filled briefs for advisory per month

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