Data Scoring

Data Scoring

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The task was to create a key visual for Vodafone’s B2B product called Data Scoring. ‍

To show a complex business-oriented product, we came up with a 3D-motion visual that transmits a high tech vibe and conveys the message.

We were inspired by the numbers, data, trend graphs, mathematical models that are the basis of the Big Data Scoring associative series.‍Our inspiration also came from forecasting visual representations and reliable numerical methods.Mathematics and its methods are synonymous with order and precision, and mathematics is an essential component of Big Data Scoring.‍

Mood board

We decided to remain in the field of abstract technological 3D composition. The important things here are associations with mathematics, math methods and modelling. Data processing is represented by systematisation and search for relationships.

In the background, cards are pouring in chaos, the further they are ordered, they line up in slender lines, and their vector is already guessed that they turn out onto our speech mark where sheets with reports are integrated and trend charts are recognised on them. Under the speech mark is a technological "centrifuge" that launches this mechanism.

Final result

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