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As a brand, Vodafone was introduced to the Ukrainian market in 2015. 

Since then, they have been communicating with the audience through various channels to build and grow brand awareness. 

In 2018, we began our cooperation. Today it includes three directions:

  • Vodafone Telecom (project support of telecommunication services through digital channels)
  • Vodafone Retail (media promotion of the retail department)
  • Vodafone HR (communicating the employers brand) 

One of the key audiences is potential and existing employees. Vodafone is not just a telecommunication company — it's a highly technological company with many exciting and innovative projects at work. 

This needed to be communicated to the target audience of potential applicants to attract even more skilled talents to the company.


Vodafone has been building its employer brand through various channels — specialized events, online media, and social media.

Our task was to create a social media strategy that would help build the right perception and communicate the innovativeness of Vodafone. 


  • Build the perception of Vodafone among potential job seekers.
  • Attract potential job seekers to work at Vodafone.


To make sure our approach meets the requirements and true motives of the target audience, we based it on the public research results. We looked at the data for how both general applicants and IT professionals choose a place to work. 

We found out that 61% of IT specialists choose the workplace because of professional growth opportunities, 78% – because of their interest in technologies and 63 % – because of new challenges. The projects they would work with and the chance to develop themselves as professionals mattered more than anything else. 

The research has also shown that for both – IT specialists and the general applicant audience, it's essential to see the people of a company they are considering as a new workplace: their potential manager, colleagues, the overall vibe of the company, its culture.

So we wondered — how do we motivate IT professionals and the general public to consider Vodafone as a desirable employer?


Researching the needs of potential applicants enabled us to formulate communication goals and later implement them using messages about the emotional and rational benefits of joining the company. 

We interviewed Vodafone’s ‘brand ambassadors’ – people who work there for at least a couple of years and represent the values of the company:

We showed the target audience what kind of innovative projects are being implemented. That innovativeness was demonstrated even through the visual approach used on the visual assets:

Other posts spoke more about the benefits that Vodafone employees get to enjoy and the corporate events:

After approving the approach for social media, we also organized a photo shoot with the clients' team to make Vodafone's social media pages look more lively and vibrant:

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