Change the perception of the water supply

Change the perception of the water supply

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Since 2017, we have been working with Ecosoft — the leader in producing and selling water filters in Ukraine.

One of the focus products is reverse osmosis filter systems. It's far from cheap. It's a complex product.

Plus, Ukrainians historically:

  • don't trust in the quality of tap water
  • are heavily used to ordering water delivery 

Additionally, it's an expensive product. Sometimes, it takes years to decide to buy it. 

Nevertheless, our task was to increase sales by increasing brand awareness and strengthening the association "reverse osmosis filters = Ecosoft". 

Considering a long decision process, we decided to focus on the closest audience to making the decision. We wondered: when is the installation of a water filter most relevant? And we got an insight: when the kitchen is being renovated. It makes a lot of sense – people are already ready for change.

As the main creative asset of the campaign, we chose the OLV video on Youtube – the channel with the largest amount of audience. 

We chose a style that would resemble architect blueprints and immediately resonate with the target audience doing renovations at that time. 

In communication, we played on contrasts: 

"Everything in renovations is difficult; you have so many choices to make –only water filters are simple and straightforward. The only right choice is Ecosoft". This way, we placed the product where the audience's mind was, so the information sounded organic and convincing.

The Youtube campaign was supported by promoted posts on Instagram and Facebook.

We worked on the frequency of contact using posts in the same visual style and key message but on different occasions to be as relevant as possible. 

Another channel of support to the campaign was integration with the bloggers who specialise in renovations and home decor and lifestyle bloggers who were doing the renovation during the campaign duration.

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