Make baking great again

Make baking great again

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A marketing strategy was created to inspire the target audience to make yeast baked goods more frequently and lower barriers for beginners to use yeast. With the main communicational message “Bake love”, we show that yeast baking is an easy and enjoyable process and also the best way to express love to your close ones. 

As a result of our activities, we have been constantly increasing Lviv yeast market share on a falling market.

We’ve been building and supporting brand awareness and its main attributes through Instagram baking hub, Facebook page.

We have created a Youtube channel with lots of yeast baking recipes.

In 2021, we launched the first ASMR project from an FMCG brand in Ukraine.

As well as one of the first Youtube shows organised by a FMCG brand. We invited famous bloggers that were far from experts on the baking to participate in a culinary battle with tricky tasks and challenges.

Until the beginning of the war, the brand was constantly collaborating with food bloggers. Monthly integrations in their content made them Lviv Yeast brand ambassadors.

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