We delved into the soul of a teenager and found them. Meet Pubertat!

We delved into the soul of a teenager and found them. Meet Pubertat!

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There is no discipline called "sexual education" in Ukrainian schools. Textbooks only superficially cover the topic of sexual education, focusing exclusively on the reproductive functions of women and men. And when it comes to sex, it is still explained using the "stork theory."

Teenagers aged 11-17 do not receive information that would allow them to form a comprehensive understanding of the topic of sexual education.

The need for providing quality educational content on relevant resources is urgent. There is a shortage of fascinating and relevant content.


There is a myth in society that sexual education is only about sex. However, it primarily encompasses:

  1. Gender identity.
  2. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  3. Contraception.
  4. Personal safety.
  5. Unwanted pregnancy.

It's about human physiology and the right to one's own body. Our task is to convey this information to Ukrainian teenagers in a high-quality manner they will remember.

Target Audience: Teenagers aged 11-17. Adjacent Audience: Parents of teenagers aged 11-13.


Sexual education covers many aspects. Therefore, we need a space where teenagers can receive helpful information in a format that interests them. So, we decided to approach the task comprehensively, using all relevant promotion tools.


One of the main tools for spreading the project's values is animated videos created by our partner - agency ISD Group.

Pubertat is the main character in all of them, who is cute and shy. He faces situations that are familiar to almost all teenagers. Pubertat falls in love, deals with acne, feels awkward thinking about sex, fears getting pregnant at 16, and buys their first razor.

ISD Group created these videos so the teenagers don't have to go through these emotional ups and downs alone. And according to the audience's reaction, it's a perfect match. Based on these videos, we developed a digital communication strategy.

What Have We Done?


The Instagram page became our main communication platform, with Pubertat as the main face of it.

Pubertat is neither he nor she but the emotional state of a teenager. His task is to instill in teenagers an adequate attitude towards their bodies, sexuality, and relationships with others. He shares verified information about healthy relationships, growing up, reproductive health, issues of sexual orientation, risks of infections, and HIV.

He does it in an understandable, interesting, and trendy way. In his posts, he uses slang and trendy words. He speaks frankly – not hiding words like "sex," "menstruation," "penis/vagina" behind euphemisms. He talks about hype and chats with subscribers like friends, always ready to help.

Our Pubertat is a crush!


Teenagers are very susceptible to societal influence, and there are many on social media who can lead them astray. So, we chose the best for collaboration:

* psychologist, goddess in sex education. Together, we developed a gift box, conducted an activation, and talked about important topics related to sex and growing up.

* a service offering free psychological consultations for youth. Teenergizer experts are Pubertat's best friends! They answered our audience's questions, and we turned it into carousels and published them on the page.

* a brand of high-quality entertainment gadgets, including board games. Together, we held a giveaway, where participants had a chance to win a board game for strengthening intimacy called "Super You." And we talked about the importance of intimacy.

Aaand ..

In less than a year, the "Pubertat" page gathered:

  • Over 13,000 subscribers.
  • Over 100,000 interactions.
  • 10 million reach.

We created a wow-wow community where everyone feels heard and free.

Of course, we informed teenagers about the most important aspects of sexual education. And we assured them that what they are going through is normal.

Taboos, stigmatization, hate, and discrimination have no place in "Pubertat." Here, there is only acceptance, understanding, and love ;)

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