Value-driven marketing in times of war

Value-driven marketing in times of war

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Six years ago, we developed a communication strategy for Lviv Yeast with the emotional platform "Bake Love." Through in-depth interviews, we learned that for those who bake at home regularly, it's a way to show love and care for their loved ones.

The wartime realities further emphasized this motivation.


Lviv Yeast approached us to increase the reach of their target audience for the high season - Easter.

Creating an emotional connection with consumers during the war was a key task in this context.

Timeline: 1 month.

Target Audience: Women, 20-35 years old.


For Ukrainians, Easter is a holiday of family and hope. And preparing Easter pastries with Lviv Yeast is already a tradition.

We knew that homemakers would bake Easter bread no matter what. So the task was to motivate them to support other Ukrainians in their close circles. Inspire them to bake a loving treat for their loved ones - for all Ukrainians.

What We Did:

The communication platform "Bake Love for Your Own" consisted of 3 stages.

TV commercial and its radio adaptation | YouTube

In the video, we vividly showed both our message and what we encouraged. The moment of passing the Easter bread, baked with Lviv Yeast, from one person to another, was crucial.

The video was uploaded on YouTube, and its radio version could be heard in many supermarkets across Ukraine.

Support on social media | Insta-HUB | Facebook

Each ethnographic region of Ukraine has its unique Easter traditions. We delved into their study to find the most interesting ones.

Afterward, we baked Easter bread according to original ancient recipes, photographed them, and wrapped them with interesting facts about the peculiarities of Easter celebrations in each region.

Support for thought leaders | Instagram | TikTok

We invited bloggers to participate in our campaign, and they shared homemade Easter bread with their followers.

We sent to our "own" bloggers branded gift boxes wrapped in a symbolic Ukrainian scarf.

As a Dessert:

Together with the Berdychiv Bread Factory Lviv Yeast, we baked Easter bread. The non-profit organization World Central Kitchen helped deliver the delicacies to the residents of de-occupied towns in the Kherson region.

We delivered precisely 10,000 Easter breads to Kherson.

We featured our case in news marathons on TV channels: ICTV, 1+1, Rada, Suspilne, Inter, and Mi Ukraine.


The reach of the key campaign video almost doubled the KPIs - it was seen by over 2.5 million people. The InstaHub community grew by +1,094 new subscribers. On Facebook, +346. Audience engagement in both social networks increased by 69%. Communicating our "Bake Love for Your Own" message through influencers exceeded the coverage plan by 65%.

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