Mindful content during COVID-19 frenzy

Mindful content during COVID-19 frenzy

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The first global COVID-19 lockdown happened in the spring of 2020. It was taken by many as a chance to improve themselves – work on their fitness while staying at home, get more cooking skills, learn how to work effectively while being remote, start to learn a new language, care about the plants, practise yoga…

All of that puts a lot of pressure on a person, considering the most important thing in stressful and new circumstances is being aware and caring for yourself to stay sane and healthy. 

NIVEA decided to help – by reminding the audience what's really important. 

Our tasks were:

  1. to support NIVEA's target audience during the first lockdown with useful content with native product integration
  2. to maintain contact with the target audience through engaging content
  3. to suggest peaceful and mindful activities during lockdown

As a solution, we developed a set of engaging social media content with bespoke illustrations and an Instagram mask as the centre of the campaign. 

We developed the mask as a randomizer.

In a fun way, it lets the audience see who they are in the circumstances of the lockdown.
The effect had 15 options of the result based on the most common traits of people during the lockdown.

Beauty blogger, happy introvert, chef, lazy sloth, workaholic, Netflix fan, sommelier, healthy lifestyle fan...

The ones who tried the effect and tagged NIVEA on their published stories had a chance to win a product bundle from the brand.

The mask itself was supported by a content project for Facebook & Instagram.

We chose the format of flat illustrations and published them as carousels, which at that time were the most engaging formats on Instagram – feel free to swipe left to see more designs. 

The illustrations suggested mindful ways of providing self-care during the lockdown, as well as some ideas of how to show your love and care to your loved ones.

- support someone who needs it. do some charity
- organise a SPA-day for him. moisturise the skin with NIVEA creme
- send a gift to someone. for example, some Easter cakes for your family
- make 500 dumplings in advance for you to enjoy for the whole week
- play with kids – make a cosy teepee

- meditate with a moisturising NIVEA mask
- bake Easter cakes. after all, you have some time for new recipes
- experiment with your hairstyles. no one will see if the result is not what you were hoping for
- make healthy breakfasts and enjoy them mindfully
- learn a new language – put some stickers with new words around your place

- grow herbs on your windowsill – chives, rocket, coriander
- recycle – show some love to the planet while staying home
- change the space – do some rearrangements
- take photos and make a photo album about these unprecedented times
- stay home, where it's safe and comfy

During this campaign, we reached 110% of planned media KPIs. Over 40 thousand people tried our Instagram mask during the project duration, and users kept on using it after the end of the competition too. 

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