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AVELLUM is a leading Ukrainian full-service law firm with a key focus on Finance, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Tax, Real Estate, and Antitrust.

In 2016, we started our cooperation with a task – to maintain an expert image of the firm in the eyes of potential clients and representatives of the legal sector through social media.

We worked together for almost five years, and over time AVELLUM became a true trendsetter in digital communications on the legal market in Ukraine. 


The legal market in Ukraine is quite conservative – and it used to be even more so in 2016. AVELLUM were one of the first ones to realise that impeccable quality of legal services needs to be complemented by a high-quality digital presence. Positioning that allows the customers to build a particular perception of the brand. 

Our challenge was to build brand image through digital channels while considering: 

  • how to figure out how to make an appropriate yet eye-catching communication in such a conservative and narrow market 
  • how to target a limited audience of potential / existing customers and potential experienced employees.
  • how to make the communication consistent on the brand pages and pages of the firm partners. 


We started with defining our target audience and then analysing the market. 

Our main target audience was AVELLUM's potential clients – Ukrainian and foreign business owners and investors or international firms that need to choose a local legal advisor.representative.

While planning our content approach, we also analysed the competitors. At that time, most of their content was typicalvery bland and only included standard static images from photo stock websites. Sometimes it had a lot of information that was hard to grasp. 

Considering a short attention span and users' online behaviour, we realised that it's likely that the audience feels like all the law firms blend into one or worse – doesn't even notice the content on their news feed. 

Our strategic question was – How to overcome the stereotypical perception of the industry?


Abroad, the most popular platform for business and professional networking is LinkedIn. In Ukraine and CIS, it's also Facebook.

After conducting research, we came up with two different approaches for each platform:


  • content about the scale of transactions and international clients
  • developing a unified approach to design and activity at partners’ pages representing of partners based on their key practices of the firm


  • content about the team to build a brand with a "human face" 
  • achievements and cases for both international and domestic market


Throughout five years of cooperation, we multiplied the number of followers on the Facebook page by three times, and the average engagement on the posts grew by 2,5 times. 

From 2017 to 2020, monthly reach has grown by 5-10 times depending on the number of activities and topics relevance.

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